Working primarily with aerosol, glass, wire, and acrylics RED is exploring their self expression through visual art forms.
Primarily focused on sculptural pieces, their three works are both loud and delicate.
Pronoun Vases
Found Objects (Glass), Aerosol.
As a non-binary person, RED is proud of their pronouns. These vases are an expression of the beauty in they/them pronouns which are often ignored by the general society. RED implores people to use they/them pronouns as the default, until alternatives are explicitly vocalised.
Wire, Glass Aerosol, Acrylics.
How can we love the body we’re in if it’s not ours? Like the shattered fragments of these nursery mobiles, folk not given the rights to their own body will be left in pieces; imprisoned in their own cage of skin. The feminine figures are hanging… holding on… unable to be free. The three combinations of colours represent expression (red), fluidity (textured yellow and purple), and masculinity (blue, washed with white and purple), each separated in their own holding cells. They may only move in circles, all at the same speed and time. The figures aren’t touching, only strung together by a thin web of wire. You can cut them free but they’d only fall, shattering into smaller pieces, still clinging to the mobile as though waiting to be strung back up again.

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